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Our Story

TeaCha is an artisanal tea specialist bringing authentic tea experiences to the hospitality sector since 2010.

Around the world, billions of us consume tea every day. But just like each of us, no two cups are ever the same.

Combining the teachings of Chinese tea masters with the latest Western science, we curate bespoke tea collections, presentations, and experiences that embody your brand ethos and encourage your customers to express themselves through their choice of beverage.

Our Name

A play on the word ‘teacher’, our name underpins our passion for introducing curious minds to the broad and exciting world of tea. An amalgamation of the Western word ‘Tea’ and the Eastern equivalents ‘Cha’ or ‘Chai’, the name also belies our East-meets-West heritage and approach.


Our Mission

To deliver genuine, one-of-a-kind tea experiences by serving tea that is in every way the best it can be.

Choose the antithesis of commodity teas. Each cup is unique, tailored to your brand identity and your customers’ needs.

We see tea as more than just a beverage. It's a channel through which to promote growth, self-expression, and unleash your full potential.

Our Values

These values reflect our culture, spirit, and commitment to sharing our message. They run through the heart of every decision we make and every tea we brew.


Live with purpose. Pursue personal and professional growth to better serve our clients


Deliver a service by which the client wins, the consumer wins, the company wins


Unlock our fullest potential for ourselves, our team, and our business partners

Be Authentic

Stay true to ourselves, dare to stand out

Build on trust

Prioritize integrity and honesty in our relationships


Teach and be taught: never stop learning, pay it forward