English Breakfast

Black Tea

Our top-quality house blend comprises the finest black teas from India, Kenya, and...

From $188.00

Assam Breakfast

Black Tea

Premium breakfast tea expertly blended to achieve a distinctively malty taste profile

From $159.00

Darjeeling (Second Flush)

Black Tea

A standout second flush Darjeeling offering a quintessentially bold flavor profile

From $230.00

Organic Steinthal Darjeeling

Black Tea

A real treasure, this young Darjeeling hails from the Steinthal estate

From $1,080.00

Builder's Ceylon Tea

Black Tea

The quintessential "Builder's brew", an unmistakably strong and powerful black tea

From $98.00

Sencha Green

Green Tea

A delicate and restorative Japanese favorite

From $390.00


Green Tea

Grassy green tea meets the strong nutty taste of popped rice.

From $169.00

Original Jasmine Green

Green Tea

A Chinese favorite, our Jasmine Green is floral and refreshing on the palette

From $178.00

Long Jing

Green Tea

An esteemed Imperial Tea known for its distinctive flat leaves and subtle, grassy ...

From $288.00

Phoenix Dancong Oolong

Oolong Tea

An exceptional quality Oolong hailing from Guangdong province

From $480.00

Tie Guan Yin

Oolong Tea

A stunning clear liquor with a bright and refreshing flavor

From $138.00