Classic Earl Grey

Black Tea

A consistent blind-taste test winner offering a balanced flavor with no bitter aft...

From $188.00

Lychee Rose

Black Tea

Fragrant lychee and rose petals combine for this floral black tea blend

From $230.00

Earl Green

Green Tea

Our green tea twist on Earl Grey, using Sencha green tea instead of black tea

From $198.00

Organic Fruits of the Forest

Fruit Tea

A tart and tangy blend that bolsters any detoxification plan

From $288.00

Tropical Sunset

Fruit Tea

A tropical fruit tea blend perfect served over ice

From $368.00

Crisp Ginger Peach Green

Green Tea

Chinese green tea infused with ginger and peach

From $178.00

Pomegranate Pu'erh

Pu'erh Tea

Blended to perfection for the best of East meets West. A prized Pu’erh tea with li...

From $338.00

Wild Berries Rooibos

Herbal Tea

South African rooibos receives a berry makeover with the sweet and tart flavors of...

From $228.00

Sencha Green

Green Tea

A delicate and restorative Japanese favorite

From $390.00


Green Tea

Grassy green tea meets the strong nutty taste of popped rice.

From $169.00

Long Jing

Green Tea

An esteemed Imperial Tea known for its distinctive flat leaves and subtle, grassy ...

From $288.00