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Sleepy Time

Life can get hectic at times. More and more people are seeking safer and more natural ways to unwind and relax.

We’ve curated our bestselling naturally caffeine-free remedies to help you feel calm, relaxed, and fall asleep.

Organic Lemon Ginger

Our soothing and aromatic Organic Lemon Ginger is rich in gingerol. It helps reduce stress and combat the free radicals which cause aging. It also cleanses harmful toxins from within our bodies.

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Honeybush Lemongrass

A relaxing duo of Thai lemongrass and honeybush. Honeybush is a fragrant and sweet plant whose leaves have been brewed as teas in South Africa for hundreds of years. Aromatic and lemony, this tea promotes calm and emotional balance as you dose off into a peaceful slumber.

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Tulsi Harmony

An aromatic blend of herbs chock-full of anti-oxidants. Its principal ingredient, Tulsi or holy basil, is a revered North-Indian ingredient that helps regulate cortisol, reducing stress and promoting calmness of mind.

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