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Unlike coffee, tea won’t give you the jittery highs and woozy lows. Starting the day with a cup of tea promotes an alert mind and a balanced energy level thanks to the caffeine’s slow-release formulation.

In particular, the following green teas have been shown to contain markedly higher levels of l’theanine. These amino acids increase “alpha-wave activity”, which promotes higher mental alertness through steady “slow release” of caffeine and prevents you from ‘crashing’. Apart from boosting your mental focus and performance, these teas have also been shown to help reduce stress.

Recommended Teas:

Earl Green

A fresh and healthy take on the traditional Earl Grey, using Sencha green tea instead of black tea. Fresh and lush, this tea contains just the right level of caffeine for you to stay focused, whilst ensuring that it won’t keep you awake at night.

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Original jasmine green

Combining high grade green tea with jasmine, this classic brew is believed to reduce anxiety whilst supporting the cooling effects of green tea. As an added bonus, studies indicate that jasmine provides antiviral and antibacterial effects.

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long jing

This esteemed Imperial Tea is known for its distinctively grassy taste and flat pressed leaves. A quintessential Chinese green tea, Long Jing has a moderate caffeine level making it a great alternative to coffee. It will give you energy without that big caffeine hit.  

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