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What's great about this product?
5-MONTH TEA VOYAGE covers all 4 monthly thematic focus areas: Seasonal, Regional, Health, and Contemporary. All registered 5-month members will enjoy a 5% lifetime discount applied to all future TeaCha Tea Shop purchases
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About this Product

  • Type

    All 5 tea families covered

  • Tea Base

    Mixture of Pure Teas and Specialty Blends

  • Antioxidants

    Includes teas from Medium to High Antioxidant levels

  • Caffeine

    Includes teas from Low to High Caffeine level

  • How to Brew

    Specific instructions for each tea provided

Month 1: Foundations of Tea pack

  • - Learn the basics of tea in your first month through this ultimate starter’s pack
  • - 5 essential teas that introduce you to each major tea family and tea-producing nation
  • - Concise guide to tea tasting


Months 2-5Theme of the Month packs

  • - From your second pack onwards, receive a Theme of the Month pack once per month.
  • - Every Theme of the Month pack is carefully researched, curated and assembled to represent each specific month of the year.
  • - The ultimate way to discover the world of teas that are just right for each month.
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