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Earl Green
What's great about this tea?
Unlike the traditional black blend, Earl Green combines the classic bergamot orange peel with a green Japanese sencha. The grassy sencha tempers the citrusy bergamot, developing a sweet and smooth finish.

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About this Tea

  • Type


  • Tea Base


  • Antioxidants


  • Caffeine


  • How to Brew

    3mins;85°C/ 185°F

Earl Green is a new take on Earl Grey, a blend created in the early 19th century to emulate the flavors of more costly Chinese teas. Its distinctive flavor quickly caught on, and Earl Grey remains an institution in Western tea shops to this day.  

Health & Well-Being Benefits:
The scent and taste of bergamot are often used in aromatherapy to lessen anxiety. Between the soothing bergamot and the stimulating, antioxidant-rich sencha, this tea is not one to be missed.  



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