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Jasmine Dragon Pearl
What's great about this tea?
Brew these delicate pearls multiple times to extract every drop of delicious flavor. Each time hot water is added, the leaves unfurl further, exposing new surfaces and unlocking different flavors.

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About this Tea

  • Type


  • Tea Base


  • Antioxidants


  • Caffeine


  • How to Brew

    3mins;85°C/ 185°F

A specialty tea of China, these long, white tea leaves are infused with the essential oils of the jasmine plant as the two are laid out together to dry. The almost-dry leaves are then carefully hand-rolled into perfect pearls.  

Health & Well-Being Benefits:
Though jasmine is widely believed to be a low-caffeine tea, traditional tea understanding isn't always correct. This Chinese white offers a moderate boost of caffeine and a strong shot of antioxidants, consistent with our testing.  



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