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Rejuvenation Gift Set
What's great about this product?
REJUVINATION HEALTH GIFT SET is perfectly tailored to satisfy both body and spirit. Rich in disease-fighting nutrients, like those in fennel, rose bud and hibiscus, the teas in this set naturally create harmony in the body with their high antioxidant levels and detox abilities.

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About this Product

  • Type

    6 Herbal; 3 Green;1 White

  • Tea Base

    Mixture of pure teas and blends

  • Antioxidants

    Includes teas from low to high antioxidant levels

  • Caffeine

    Includes caffeine-rich and caffeine-free teas

  • How to Brew

    Specific instructions for each tea provided

Combo Pack includes:

- 2 x Tea Theme Cards: Everything you need to know about Antioxidant-rich and Detox teas at a glance

- 2 x Artisan Tea Bags + 1 Learning Post Card from each of these luscious selections:

      Antioxidant Teas
       > Rosebuds Dried Flower: Light, fragrant, floral
       > Honeyed Citrus Mate: Sweet, zesty, vegetal
       > Ginger & Peach Green Tea: Zingy, fruited, crisp
       > Maojian: Flavorful, springy, refreshing
       > Jasmine Dragon Pearls: Delicate, subtle, perfumed

      Detox Teas
       > Lu Shan Yun Wu: Unusually sweet and floral
       > Ayurvedic Detox: Savory, hearty, rich
       > Fruits of the Forest: Tart, tangy, enticing
       > Wild Berry Rooibos: Earthy, sweet, and zingy
       > Parsley Detox: Full-bodied, vegetative, slightly savory



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