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Rose Buds
What's great about this tea?
A rare treat to find undiluted by other tea ingredients, these rosebuds create a distinctive, luxurious fragrance renowned for millennia for its soothing and aphrodisiacal properties.

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About this Tea

  • Type


  • Tea Base


  • Antioxidants


  • Caffeine


  • How to Brew

    3mins;90°C/ 194°F

Light and fragrant, Rosebuds tea is harvested before the young, supple flowers can bloom. Often used in tea blends, the buds are presented here alone, imparting a pure, floral experience.   

Health & Well-Being Benefits:
Our in-house testing indicates that Rosebuds tea is one of the best herbal sources of antioxidants available. Additionally, this tea is completely caffeine free, suitable for evenings and before bed.  



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