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Celebration Teas
What's great about this product?
CELEBRATION TEAS pack delivers nostalgic cinnamon, vanilla, gingerbread, and nutty overtones—all the decadence of the season with none of the guilt. Enjoy all 5 tea selections next to, or in place of, traditional holiday favorites. Absolute bliss for the holiday aficionado.

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About this Product

  • Type

    2 Black; 2 Herbal; 1 Oolong

  • Tea Base

    Includes Tea and Herbal Blends

  • Antioxidants

    Teas have Moderate to Medium; High Antioxidant levels

  • Caffeine

    Includes caffeine-free to medium-caffeinated teas

  • How to Brew

    Specific instructions for each tea provided

Tea Pack includes:

- 1 x Celebration Teas Theme Card: Everything you want to know about teas for Celebration at a glance

- 2 x Artisan Tea Bags + 1 Learning Post Card from each of these luscious selections:
       > Gingerbread and Orange Rooibos: Citrusy, woody, caramel-esque
       > Traditional Christmas Tea: Zesty, tangy, nostalgic
       > Wuyi Cinnamon Oolong: Nutty, spicy, roasted
       > Madagascar Vanilla Black: Sweet, smooth, indulgent
       > Baked Apple Rooibos: Tart, earthy, warming



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