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The History of Tea
What's great about this product?
HISTORY OF TEA pack traces the footsteps of tea over millennia. Pack introduces 5 famous and influential teas that have shaped cultural tastes, impacted national borders, and even helped incite international trade wars. A perfect gift for the historically minded.

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About this Product

  • Type

    2 Black; 2 Herbal; 1 Green

  • Tea Base

    Mixture of Pure Teas and Blends

  • Antioxidants

    Includes teas from Medium to High Antioxidant levels

  • Caffeine

    Includes caffeine-rich and caffeine-free teas

  • How to Brew

    Specific instructions for each tea provided

Tea Pack includes:

- 1 x Tea History Theme Card: Everything you need to know about the History of tea at a glance

- 2 x Artisan Tea Bags + 1 Learning Post Card from each of these luscious selections:
       > Golden Needle Yunnan Red: Elegant, sweet, highly respected
       > Tulsi Harmony: Rich, spiced, vegetal
       > Assam: Full-flavored, malty, distinctive
       > Earl Green: Citrusy, sweet, smooth
       > Organic Rooibos: Nutty, fruity, refreshing



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