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TEA 101

So much tea, so little time.

Want to find your perfect cuppa? Each TeaCha pack includes everything you need for an in-depth introduction to an age-old tradition, from flavor profiles to health benefits. Get a taste of the TeaCha journey below, and let us help you navigate the world of teas!

There’s a lot more to tea than just flavor. Our full collection examines quintessential teas across the entire tea spectrum, identifying 6 key elements that define and distinguish each signature tea.


The warm, rainy tropical regions provide the best conditions for growing tea.

It is thus no surprise that countries close to the equator–such as China, India, and Sri Lanka–account for more than 75% of total tea production across the globe.

Nevertheless, tea is savored in different cultures and traditions throughout the world–a fact that we celebrate with you at TeaCha. With each TeaCha pack, we cross borders, traverse mountains, and ford rivers to bring you the best and most revered flavors from each major tea-producing and tea-consuming nation in the world.





Expand your knowledge and your palate by joining
in a journey of tea exploration with us.