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Teacha is founded on a simple but bold idea-that tea, like life, is better when it is natural, adventurous, and deeply personal.

Our story begins with a cupboard-one stacked with seldomly touched boxes of tea. Like most people, TeaCha Founder Chris Tan began his tea journey by purchasing teas randomly, and enjoying only about one in every ten.

The result? Frustration, disappointment, and a cupboard of slowly staling teas.




“TeaCha” is a play on “teacher,” a reference to our goal: to introduce the curious to the wide and exciting world of tea. “TeaCha” also combines Western and Eastern words for this delicious beverage—“tea” in English-speaking countries, “cha” in China, and “chai” in India—symbolizing its international appeal.


Craving a better experience, Chris sought guidance from tea masters. But they focused mainly on subtle flavor variations and brewing techniques, never expanding into specific tea benefits or other distinctive chracteristics. While enlightening, the masters never provided what Chris was truly after-a global picture with a personal touch.

Determined to see the big picture, Chris started designing a tea journey that would be honest, natural, and convenient. A journey by which any person could find his or her very own perfect cup of tea. After 2 years of development, research, and testing in collaboration with tea experts, TeaCha Company was born.